Please, I need a Favor from You

Two years ago I started writing “The Stories that Follow You Home” also known as “The Istoriaphile’s Corner.”  It’s been fun to write about stories so full of thought and meaning that they ‘ve found a home in my soul.  Still, I have to admit that’s not the reason I started this blog.  I began this because (deep breath) I wrote a book.
A bit more than two years ago, I decided to write a story about a pair of constantly squabbling sisters. This was something I knew about because my sis and I fought all the way through childhood and I wanted to see what it takes for a pair of warring siblings to cooperate and appreciate each other. I called my book The Plucky Orflings and it’s taken me almost as long to finish as it took me and my sis to stop fighting but now it’s ready for an agent to look at it. The problem is, I learned, that having a manuscript isn’t enough for an aspiring writer now.  To get published, you need a built-in audience.
Publishers and agents don’t take many chances on the books that they send to market these days. Between e-books and e-booksellers, many of their traditional customers have disappeared and business is very tight. So, most of them aren’t interested in publishing a book until a prospective author can show them there’s already a bunch of interested customers, or followers.  And if I self-publish, I still need to know who might want to buy it.  All of which brings me to today’s request.
If you look to the right-hand side of this post, you’ll see something that says, “Subscribe if you want a spot in the Istoriaphile’s Corner.”  If you fill this out and submit it, you’ll become a follower and I’ll be a step closer to getting my book published.  Being a follower doesn’t obligate you to buy anything (including my book) and no one will see your name there except me.  And I promise I will only write to you when I have information or news relating to my work. But wait, as the commercial says, there is more.
If you’ve read my blog, you know I think about nature almost as much as I think about books.  To me, some books even go with the seasons.  So I’ve created a pretty register of the books I love that match or adapt to each season and I’ve illustrated it with some of my best photos.  If you become a follower of mine, you’ll get a copy of my register in return.  
So, what do you say?  Help an aspiring author out and get something in return?  I sure would appreciate it.  And it might help The Plucky Orflings get into print.

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