River of Life
One of My Stories / March 14, 2018

I love rivers. With all respect to ponds, pools, lakes, and oceans, I love being by a river the most.  Landlocked on two sides, it’s still a continuum of water that chuckles as it moves and brings down the heat in summer.  My rivers are peaceful most of the time but the last thing they are is boring, not only because they hold so much life but they seem to be living creatures themselves.  I guess I see life as a river. More than anything, all rivers are made up of water, great googolplexes of H2O molecules, all moving in the same direction. Some of the droplets came up from underground springs, some fell into place with a rainfall, but the source isn’t what’s important here.  What’s important is that once those droplets meet up it’s hard to tell one from another and they impact each other.  It may be on a scale too small for us to see but the molecules of water bump against each other on the way to their common destination.  And each encounter changes the path of each droplet, however minutely. I think all life is like that.  Our lives are continually changed every day by…

The World Famous Author I didn’t Quite Meet
One of My Stories / March 2, 2018

This day should be remembered each and every year. For the birth of an author, many of us still hold dear. Though he’s no longer with us, his books hold renown When it comes to kid’s lit, Old Doc Seuss holds the crown But I must add, in a tone of defeat He’s the most famous author I didn’t quite meet When I was small, Dr. Seuss was the Man and I read each of his stories, like a number 1 fan Like the Sneeches, my belly once had a small star I recited his rhymes while we rode in the car. I grew up and learned to love reading aloud I’d choose Seuss to read to the younger kids crowd That’s what my job was one year, long ago At the main library branch in old San Diego That place hosted a party each Winter to cheer Any locals who’d published books in the last year. For the party, my off-day, I agreed to forsake And serve the literati their coffee and cake I don’t want to brag, but I must confess, I looked good that day! I wore my best dress. I buffed up my nails and styled my…