The Day Facebook brought Molly home

October 18, 2019
Leslie Sez - Molly Sez -
I’ve got to say it: I love Facebook. It’s a great way for keeping up with friends and family; I can share personal news easily, and it’s fun! I wish my dog, Molly, knew how much we owe this wonderful appI have no idea what Facebook is, but I’ll tell you I wish I didn’t exist! Leslie’s always tap-tapping onto that Facebook thing she talks about instead of petting me. It’s enough to make a dog jealous!
It all started earlier this Summer when I had to get my hair cut in town. I didn’t like leaving Molly because the weather looked chancy, but I had an appointment to keep. And I figured she’d be okay at home.I remember that as a hot, sultry day, and I couldn’t believe Les would leave me at home. Of course, my other human, Rog stayed home like he should to let me in and out the front door. So I went out for a walk.
Just as my haircut was almost finished, the skies opened up, and it poured. I mean, lightning and thunder that made the ground shake. I drove home through the deluge as quick as I could to help Rog with poor, thunder-shy Molly. When I got there, he said, “She’s not here!”I was watching this lizard on the neighbor’s porch rail when all of the sudden, the sky shouted – KABOOM! Les says it’s nothing, but she doesn’t understand – skies aren’t supposed to do that! I ran and ran to get away from the noise. But the noise kept following me.
I never want to relive those frightful next hours again: walking, searching, knocking on doors, and always calling Molly’s name. In desperation, I even posted Molly’s picture on our village’s Facebook page. Les was afraid? She doesn’t know what fear is, not until a thunder-monster starts chasing her tail. I ran until I couldn’t run anymore and then I didn’t know where I was! I wasn’t just scared; I was the worst thing a dog could be: LOST.
I was about ten steps away from tears when my phone began to chime. Someone had seen Molly’s photo on another Facebook page and made the connection! They called, and then Rog called, and we jumped in the jeep. Fifteen minutes later, Molly was back in my lap, all 65 wet pounds of her!I didn’t know that lady in the yellow house, but she had a Facebook thing in her hand, like Leslie. She let me in, to get away from the Thundermonster. Then some more humans put me in a car and drove me someplace else. But Leslie was waiting there!
According to Google, Molly covered about 1.5 miles in her Thunder-run, but that journey took her far past our neighborhood and into a place we didn’t know existed. Without Facebook and the help of some lovely generous people, we might never have found her again. So I thank them in my prayers every night. Hey, this is all above my head. All I know is that Thunder-monsters are real, and most people are great, even when they’re obsessed with Facebook. We’re all in this life to help each other out, and I helped Les find some more human friends that day.
(Even if Facebook helped a little.)

Wrap Up

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