One of My Stories / December 14, 2017

The one question I kept asking myself: How in hell did I get this big? We all live our lives by labels.  Those governed by birth are immovable.  Whether you’re a baby-boom, Gen-X or millennial, you’ll be one for the rest of your life, even if you lie about it.  Some birth labels, like nationality, look permanent but can be changed, and some we have even more say on, at least in theory.  I’ve lived with one label too long. Obese. If there is a word in the language I hate, that’s the one.  Clinically, it means someone whose Body Mass Index is higher than 30; when the extra weight can really starts to compromise someone’s health. But to the many non-medical people, obesity is a character flaw, not evidence of a health problem, a weakness in someone else that can be exploited. 60 lbs. down and I’m still OMG obese And that kind of thinking can be hell to live with when you’re obese. See, part of the pain of being really big is how that kind of treatment undercuts your confidence.  Graduate with honors? Yeah, but you’re still obese.  Complete a 5K? Doesn’t matter if you’re big as…

End of Summer Report Card
One of My Stories / September 5, 2017

“I’m just a Summer Girl,Living in a Summer World…” The only thing is, Summer is ending. That much is obvious, even without the store displays of Halloween Costumes and Football gear. Days are shortening, outside light is yellowing, and the trees have begun their annual game of pelting our metal roof with nuts. (it’s amazing how something that small can make that large a noise!) Autumn is coming again, and it’s time to take stock of what did and didn’t happen this Summer. See More of Friends and Family: Well, yes and no.  Sadly, I missed my High School Reunion again, and I only hope my classmates and hometown will forgive me. On the other hand, my nephew came to see us in June, and I talked with my sister almost every day, which is very good.  Our folks would never have believed we’ve learned to be sisters and friends. Learn to DIY on a Dime: Check.  So, I’m a slave to all of those H&G/DIY shows/pictures/ideas, a truth that frightens my husband no end. (His lawn and garden dreams involve Astroturfing the yard.) The only thing is, we haven’t got the budget for hiring Home Improvement teams.  So this summer I…

One of My Stories / June 15, 2017

Ever been slapped upside the head by a forgotten Memory? I’m not talking about the memories with short-cut, easy-access triggers.  Those are the ones you use from every day, stuff like your computer password, social security number and how to drive a car. Other recollections get misfiled in dusty cranial drawers so when you need the information, you walk around feeling stupid for five minutes, saying, “I know (fill in the blank) like I know my own name, what is it?” I’m talking about the memories that pop up out of nowhere and surprise the heck out of you.  That happened to me today. You could say it was a random accident or because Father’s Day is coming up soon. Personally, I think the culprit is cake. See, dense sugar/carb sweets are like cocaine to me and I’ve been trying to live without them for the last 14 months or so.  I’ve been doing pretty well with that too, not even missing the pastries I couldn’t live without before.  At least until a couple of things that happened lately…. See some friends did us a wonderful favor.  I mean HUGE.  And nothing says “Thank You” to a friend like bringing them…

1 Year, 100 Pounds: A Report Card of Sorts
One of My Stories / March 30, 2017

Me at the Beginning: Hair washed,earrings in place and a pan-fried disaster This time, a year ago, I weighed 285. I’m not whining about this, and I’m certainly not bragging; I’m just stating a fact.  A year ago my extra weight brought my life crashing to a halt.  This seems like a good time to take stock. If you had asked me, back then, if I could lose 100 pounds in a year, I would have cried and told you “No.” It takes energy to burn extra pounds off, and I didn’t have the “oomph” to clean my house or keep up at work, much less exercise. My house and yard needed cleaning and maintenance, my in-box was 7 inches thick, and  I was in the middle of the disaster area, exhausted and overwhelmed. Get my life and my world back on track?  I wasn’t sure how to begin! That’s me on the left at 30 pounds down.I can tell even if you can’t! I couldn’t have made it through those first few months without the help of Weight Watchers.  They didn’t judge me, they taught me to consider what I ate, and they rejoiced over every ounce I dropped….

Falling in Love with Fitbit
One of My Stories / January 20, 2017

I’ve never been an athlete.  I was raised in a family that sat whenever they could. Sitting was our clan’s favorite pastime, and our endurance in couch-potatery would have qualified us on the Olympic s if they could have turned it into a competitive sport. The fact that many of us were overweight was no surprise.  The surprise was my sister, who ran for fun, and competed in track as a girl.  Although she could sit, my sis could also move, and she was unafraid of competition.  I was proud of her drive and talents, and she knew that.  But neither believed I’d follow her example. The Infamous Fitbit All of which made my sister’s offer to buy me a Fitbit last May a bit of an awkward phone call. To her credit, Sis knew I was trying to lose weight, and she’s never pressed me to get active.  Her suggested gift would help me lose weight.  But that doesn’t mean I wanted to take it. The few times I had tried exercise before, I’d ended up with sore joints and a lousy attitude.  But it’s hard to turn my sister down, especially when her thought is well-meant.  So, I said yes, thinking…