More or Les Golden: Who’s Writing this Thing?

It’s me, book-omnivore, novice novelist and The Blogger behind the Curtain.  Nothing fabulous, I’ll agree.  Baby-boomer and born late bloomer, it took me thirty-seven years to finish college. But I’m nuts about stories.
I was that kid that crawled into every Grandparent’s lap to hear the same Dr. Seuss book every evening.  In grade school, while other kids whined over reading assignments, I was skimming through the reader looking for tales the teacher hadn’t assigned yet.  And when I left books behind for summer camp, the first year, I gleefully read the warning labels on bug spray.  They were the closest thing I could find to stories.
Now, “tell me a story” may be a cute refrain when it comes from a toddler, but most folks don’t like it coming from an adult.  So I’ve learned not to beg.  But I’ve also learned that most folks like to talk and if you listen, you can hear some great tales.  So I try and listen.  And I’ve learned something about the power of stories.  Here’s a secret: a great story, well told, has the power to change the world.  And I want to share some great stories.
Not all of my tales will be world-shaking events.  Some of them won’t even be mine.  But whatever I share will be about some tale that I like or something that sticks in my craw.  A book I can’t stop thinking about or has moved in and settled down in my memory.  In other words, this is a spot for the stories that follow me home.
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A great story, well told, has the power to change the world