Fitness and the Reader’s Dilema

June 8, 2016

I was born to be a Sedentarian.  I’m not sure that’s a recognized word yet but when I’ve seen it used, it describes (obvious, isn’t it?) someone who prefers walking to running, standing to walking, sitting to standing and lying down to sitting.  Someone who loathes the idea of exercise.  When you add in an addiction to books, sedentarianism becomes more than a preference, it becomes the path to salvation.  Only problem is, it can be detrimental to your health.

Right now, you are looking at my library, complete with desk, PC and reading chair.  Comfy as all get out but not a site adapted for getting in shape.  So what’s to be done?   I have to read and until today, that mean I had to sit still.  (Every time I’ve tried to read with the body in motion, I’ve contracted an epic-sized bout of motion-sickness.)  I’m under doctor’s orders to lose some weight and I’m trying to comply but exercise isn’t just sweaty and painful, it’s boring, a factor no bouncing paperback or Kindle could overcome.

And there’s the answer, friends and neighbors, I needed book that doesn’t bounce and I got one.  Does anyone besides me remember Kindle can run on a computer monitor screen?

I set up an old favorite (in public domain) on the screen Kindle, Sense and Sensibility

On my computer that fills all of a very large screen and I can read it from several feet back, while I march or run in place.  When the time comes, I hit the > arrow key and the page flips.  I keep on stepping and reading without missing a beat.   It’s amazing how much walking you can get done while you are buried in a book.

With this, I may have a shot at gaining some fitness!   Has anyone else learned to enjoy their book habit while they exercise?  Send in your suggestions, I need all the help I can get!

Thanks so much!

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