My Desk Needs a New Home

May 13, 2016
Free, to good home close to me: one wooden student’s desk, desirous of continuing
 its Academic and Professional career.
Although manufactured during the Cold War, Desk’s classic design and sturdy construction have allowed him to support generations of students through many levels of academia, earning various former owners multiple high school diplomas, three associate degrees and a Bachelor of Arts degree (Summa). Desk has also played a substantial supporting role in such post-graduate tasks as resume and correspondence preparation, personal accounting and other personal business concerns. Multiple levels of technology have partnered with Desk (starting with manual typewriters and continuing through CPU’s, CRT’s, printers, scanners, tablets and all-in-one flat screens) and all have found Desk’s surface adequate for their purpose. In addition, Desk has been successfully utilized for reading, creative writing, a solitary meal and the occasional nap.
Although possessing only a single drawer, Desk’s storage capacity is surprisingly large, as the drawer can hold upwards of 40 pounds of clutter at a time.  This drawer shows a positive talent for attracting and safeguarding all matter of small objects (even from their owners), from pitch pipes and guitar picks to flash drives, keys and pocket change. His open shelves are also surprisingly capacious, and have been deemed acceptable cat bunk beds by experts.
Desk has been cleaned and his drawer has been retrofitted with new pulls. All he needs to return to action is a fresh coat of paint and a setting where he can be of use. Desk is anxious to relocate and only regrets he cannot pay for his own shipping. Any parties interested in adopting &/or employing Desk can contact me here. A photo of Desk is attached. (Sorry, accessories not included)

Thank you for your time.

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