Book Title Mash-Ups

August 20, 2015

I love the idea of mashups.  Two separate but familiar works get slammed together to create an idea that has elements of both.  (Sounds familiar, no?).  The results can be kind of fun.  These title mashups came from my bookshelf.  Which ones do you have?

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince of Tides 
Harry hates being the last member of his family until he’s stuck with the Wingo clan on Melrose Island for an entire winter.  By Spring, he sends Voldemort a thank-you note.

Gone With the Wind in the Willows

A southern belle recovers from the Civil War by hanging out with some English vermin and a Toad with ADD. Fiddle-dee-dee, what’s a lil ‘ole war between friends?
The Lilies of the Field of Dreams

It doesn’t matter how whack-a-doodle your idea sounds.  If you build it, they will come and you’ll be a better person for going the distance.  (Hey, I know this one is stretching, but don’t they really say the same thing?  Faith + hard work can do anything.)

Howard’s End of the Affair

It’s England, of course, and Henry or his wife have strayed from those marital vows.  In either case, affection gets muddled up with the rights of property.  Another cup of tea for you, vicar?
The Perfect Storm of the Century
The weather’s always worse in New England.  It’s almost as if someone up there  doesn’t like them.

Pollyanna Karenina

As a young girl, she was glad when she didn’t need crutches.  Later, she was glad to be alone with Count Vronsky.  At the end of the day she’s glad that the train is on time.
Send me your mashups, your portmateaus and puns.  All are welcome, on the shelf.

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