Traveling Hopefully

May 9, 2017
When we were young,
And Broke,
And starting out in life together,
Nothing was more fun than a drive.
Over the roads and around the curves we’d go,
Grinning like fools,

Shouting with laughter,

Harmonizing with the radio.
Our future, always just over the next horizon
That we sped to on paid-with-pennies gas
I didn’t care how poor we were then.
I knew great things were headed our way.

Well, we didn’t get famous, or start rolling in gelt,

But we’ve taken a few bows in our time,
And tripped some fantastic lights.
Those moments were fine, though not all I expected,
And usually not worth the fuss that came with them.
I’m happier back in the car.

Belted into the shotgun seat,

One foot propped on the edge of the dash.
Drumming on my thigh to the rhythm of a song
That left the charts decades ago.
As gray-haired, we still speed
down the road,
around the corners,
and over the hills.
Rolling toward an unknown future.
Traveling hopefully.

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